Defend Vitamin Freedom Now!

Meet Our First Petition Signers

Join these health freedom fighters, concerned citizens, health food store owners, customers and health practitioners by taking an active role to protect DSHEA.  We must all unite as advocates to protect our rights to health freedom and the future of the natural health industry.  Show your support by signing the petition.

Frank Fregoso
Tex-Mex Curios, Inc., Corpus Christi, TX

Every single person on this planet must have free access to nutrition as a form of fighting disease.  Vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and phytonutrients are part of the solution to promoting a healthy body.  Join us now in protecting vitamin freedom.

Rich Eagle
Living Naturally, Niles, OH

Humans have always been basically gardeners so access to nutritional plants, minerals and vitamins for food is our primary survival instinct, and most basic consumer task, and thus protected in our free markets by laws, such as DSHEA.

Evelyn Wise
Living Naturally, Youngstown, OH

DSHEA is as important to the natural health industry as the Declaration of Independence was to the founding fathers of the United States of America.  In a country that protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion, political freedom, etc., freedom of health care should always be an inalienable right.  It is up to each citizen to choose freely whether one desires allopathic medicine, which treats symptoms, or one is attracted to the naturopath, which impacts the underlying cause of conditions.  Each individual should have free access to all relevant information, as well as the natural products, supplements and foods of their choice, in this great American democracy.

Joanne Riddle
Elk Grove Vitamins, Elk Grove, CA

We totally support the DSHEA Act and our right to be able to choose Natural Health Remedies.  I have been involved in the industry for many years and it is very important that we fight to keep these rights. It is our choice.

David Stouder
President, Natural Products Association West
Apple Health Foods, Redwood City, CA

In an unprecedented show of public support, Americans let Congress know that they wanted the right to choose Natural Health and passed DSHEA in 1994.  The groundbreaking legislation has led to an explosion of research and information that has improved the health of our country.

Right now the enemies of Health Freedom are mounting an attack to repeal or “modify” DSHEA.  We cannot let this happen.  We need to be united, informed, and organized.

There has been no more courageous person in the fight for Health Freedom than Dr. Rath and, once again, he has stepped forward in our time of need.  Please join our efforts and tell everyone you can to come to this website and take action.  The battle is coming.  We must be ready!

Herman Mobley
Tri Health, Houston, TX

Herman Mobley is a retired Engineer from NASA and owner of Tri Health, Houston, Texas since 1982.  A major portion of his success is due to educating his customers and community on the benefits of natural vitamins.  Over the years he has played an active part by supporting the NNFA and DSHEA and has diligently obtained petitions and contacted Texas legislators.  C. Creel

Audean and Lynn Tuell
The Health Hut, Bedford, TX

Audean and son Lynn Tuell own a full service Health Food and Nutrition Center, The Health Hut, Bedford, Texas, which was established in 1979.  Working side by side their mission is to help people optimize their health through education and natural source therapies.  Knowing that knowledge is power, they broaden their education efforts by showing DVD’s within their store as well as providing a variety of educational materials including health freedom information.  Their many loyal customers support DSHEA and our rights to health freedom. C. Creel

Dr. Edward Esparza
Ancient Remedies, Victoria, Texas

Dr. Edward Esparza, a Naturopath Physician, with a mission and purpose to enhance people’s lives through alternative therapy, nutrition and supplements, has devoted much time and energy in educating and providing hundreds of signatures to support Dr. Rath’s efforts to save our health freedom. 

Victor Herlacher, M.D.
Laguna Niguel, California

I had a medical practice specializing in internal and preventative medicine for twenty-three years.  At the present time, I do extensive medical research and write articles on health and nutrition.  I have found significant evidence supporting health benefits and prevention of disease by eating a proper diet and using key nutritional supplements.

Today we are experiencing epidemics of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.  Typically treatment concentrates on fixing a symptom rather than the underlying cause of the disease which can be related to a deficiency in important micronutrients.  Medications do little to reverse the cause of the disease.  Our health care or disease care system is the most expensive and the most inadequate system in the developed world.  A person can do far more to improve their health by acting themselves, rather than experiencing symptoms before seeking medical attention.  

Unfortunately recommendations today for drug therapy are not supported by valid scientific evidence.  Today the government is using overly intrusive financial and regulatory roles in healthcare to establish a justifiable interest in intervening in our personal lifestyle choices.  Scientific evidence in support of the health benefits of nutritional supplements has grown dramatically, and I consider the work of Dr. Matthias Rath as a source of information that I can trust.