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New Vitamin Freedom Bills Introduced

Three new bills have recently been introduced that threaten the survival of the pharmaceutical drug cartel.

The Health Freedom Act (H.R. 3395) strips the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the power to censure nutrient-disease relationship claims, including nutrient-disease treatment claims. Instead of having a prior restraint, the federal government under this bill may only proceed against claims after they have entered the market and only upon clear and convincing evidence that the claims are in fact false. Consequently, every truthful disease prevention and treatment claim would be allowed to reach consumers if this bill were passed.

The Freedom of Health Speech Act (H.R. 3394) disarms the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of power to accuse and then condemn if the accused lacks contemporaneous written documentation that its advertising is true. Instead, the bill forces the FTC to refrain from making an accusation until it possesses clear and convincing evidence that health benefit claims are false. It also forbids the FTC from accusing an advertiser of making “implied claims,” i.e. ones FTC lawyers say are implied by the ad rather than those actually made. The FTC may then only act only if it has first warned the accused of impending action and the party so warned has refused to withdraw the offending advertising from the market.

The Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act (H.R. 3396) prevents any regulation from taking effect until Congress has passed the regulation as a bill and the president has signed it or his veto has been overruled by a supermajority of Congress, as the US Constitution prescribes. This measure would end the current system whereby some 90% of all federal laws are not enacted by Congress but are the product of unelected heads of bureaucratic agencies. The bill thus restores responsibility and accountability for the laws to Congress.

Vitamin freedom in the US depends upon the passage of these bills.

You are therefore encouraged to contact your elected officials and demand their support for these bills.

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